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Frequently asked questions

Is Soum authorized?

Yes, Soum is authorized, and registered with the Ministry of Commerce, and is also registered in “Maarouf” with the following number: 164634

How can I register in the platform?

Registration is by your mobile number, along with adding the following information: name, address, and bank account number

What cities does Soum cover?

We deliver to and from all regions and cities of the Kingdom through top logistics companies

How can I contact customer service?

We are pleased to serve you via Whatsapp from here

How can I check all of my purchases and sales?

All purchases and sales could be reviewed and confirmed through the profile page

How can I list my product for sale on the platform?

After logging in through the application or the browser, select "Sell now" icon, then you can add your product’s pictures and answer the question to determine the device condition

I could not find a suitable classification for my product, what shall I do?

Meanwhile, you can only sell products that have a classification on the platform. New categories and products will be added soon

What happens when my product gets sold?

The product will be picked up from you and delivered to the buyer. Within 24 hours of delivery, the amount will be deposited into your bank account

How will my product be delivered to the buyer?

We take care of all costs related to your product delivery process from the moment we pick it up from you to delivering it to the buyer

How can I accept or reject pending bids?

You can accept or reject pending bids through “My Products” tab under “Bids & Items” page

How can I renew my product’s listing duration?

You can renew your products through “My Products” tab under “Bids & Items” page

What should I do if I receive a device whose specifications differ from those listed on the platform?

Soum provide a period of 24 hours for you to ensure that the product conforms to the specifications before we deposit the amount to the seller, you can raise a dispute through your order details if there was a difference in the listed specifications

Do you offer cash on delivery service?

We do not offer cash on delivery service, but you may pay through all the options available now: VISA, MASTERCARD, MADA, STCPay, Apple Pay

How long does it take to deliver my product?

The expected delivery time varies depending on your location and the seller’s location. We assure you that the team is doing everything possible to deliver the product to you as quickly as possible

What cities does Soum ship to?

Our services cover all regions and cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

How can I check my order’s details after payment?

All order details could be reviews under “Bought History” tab

What payment methods are accepted in Soum?

You can pay through the following: VISA, MASTERCARD, MADA, STCPay, or Apple Pay

How can I return a product?

In case of a problem with the product you ordered, you can file a dispute and return the item for a refund

Do you charge a fee for delivery?

No, we take care of all costs related to your product delivery from the seller to your doorstep

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